Falanghina 2014, FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO

Falanghina 2014, FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO


Grape Variety: 100% falanghina

The color is straw yellow that contains brilliant green reflections. The perfume is intense and persistent with sensations of delicate white flowers and fruit. The taste offers freshness and balance, with a clean finish.

Ideal as an aperitif, it can also accompany various types of antipasti, plates of simple fish and vegetables as well as fresh cheeses.

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Falanghina is an ancient variety, already noted and appreciated by the Sannites and the Romans who also called it Falernia for its great circulation in the "Falernus Age." The Falerni were probably the Roman merchants who brought to Italy this grape from Greece, spreading its cultivation from central to southern Italy. The first written citation of of a grape with that name dates back to 1804; one can find then a work of the agriculture of Padre Ex-provinciale Niccola Columella Onorati that inserts Falanghina among the grapes that were "good to eat." Many years later, in the '30s, a group of enologists crowned Falanghina as one of the best Italian grapes, largely recommending its dissemination for the best production as in the principal wine zones of the south.